Python training NICAR 2016

A NICAR-inspired update on my coding journey

For the remainder of 2016, Python it is.


The weekend Pat Conroy died

Thank you, Conrack.

First Python program

2016 is the year I stop talking about learning to code and learn to code

I’m committed. I’m not going to quit.

2015 in review: Quit my job on Thursday, got married on Saturday

This was never supposed to be THAT exciting of a year.

Cabinets full of history 10

Cabinets full of history

Grandpap died a year ago today, but he left behind a unique record of important moments in his life.

West Field 2015 renovation Munhall 006

A requiem for historic West Field

Playing at a field built in 1937 in Munhall was one of the joys of my first summer in Pittsburgh. Now, it’s going to be quite different.

Stephen J Magoc and his yard 8

Blown away by Pittsburgh’s working class

Three Saturdays back, I had a weekend essay published in the Post-Gazette. The response from across Pittsburgh in the days after it ran was gratifying. I’ve collected some…

Magoc family train platform

Seven decades later, family model train circles the holiday track

On a Lionel train’s place in our family’s basement and hearts.

Spring 2014 in photos: PNC Park, Erie and the Strip District

Wild horses roam Paynes Prairie in January 2012.

Assistantship recap: helping UF’s advanced online reporting courses

I concluded the first year of being a teaching assistant at the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications. See my class’ work here.

Paynes Prairie December 2011 gainesville fl photo by Ethan Magoc 8

Visiting a dry Paynes Prairie

Still, the area remained beautiful.

A family portrait from America in the late 1920s. My grandfather is on the right.

A passage to Ellis Island

Steve Magoc is going to need a new hat.


Sketch based on “When a Man Falls…” by Stephen Crane

“That looked better in my head.” Yet not quite as good as it still appears in the minds of those who saw it.

Engine Co. No. 8 on Erie's east side.

30 photos of historic buildings in Erie, Pa.

Or, how I completed a freelance assignment entirely on a bicycle.

Beach 6 sunset, Erie, Pa. — July 22, 2011.

Photos from a summer around Presque Isle

I’m starting to think I didn’t spend enough time in Erie’s most beautiful locale when I was growing up.