Weimer Hall University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications

What I did and didn’t get done in journalism graduate school

Graduate school can be good for journalists. For me, though, it was not good for improving this space.

Spring 2014 in photos: PNC Park, Erie and the Strip District

Wild horses roam Paynes Prairie in January 2012.

Assistantship recap: helping UF’s advanced online reporting courses (2011-12)

I concluded the first year of being a teaching assistant at the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications. See my class’ work here.

Paynes Prairie December 2011 gainesville fl photo by Ethan Magoc 8

Visiting a dry Paynes Prairie in December 2011

Still, the area remained beautiful.

A family portrait from America in the late 1920s. My grandfather is on the right.

A passage to Ellis Island

Steve Magoc is going to need a new hat.


Sketch based on “When a Man Falls…” by Stephen Crane

Observe a scene and write a slice-of-life sketch in the style of Stephen Crane…

Engine Co. No. 8

30 photos of historic buildings in Erie, Pa.

About a week before I left Erie last month, I had a great little freelance assignment that I accomplished entirely on my bicycle in a single afternoon. My…

Beach 6 sunset, Erie, Pa. -- July 22, 2011 photo by Ethan Magoc

Photos from a summer around Presque Isle

I lived in Erie, Pa., for 15 years, and now as I look back (as I’m sure many others who have moved away will agree), I’m starting to…

newspaper digitization setup

How to digitize your entire college newspaper archive

Imagine having instant access to the written history of your campus. As Dan Reimold, Ph.D., at the University of Tampa wrote two months ago, scanning and making your…

Mercyhurst College Old Main roll cloud erie pa photo by Ethan Magoc 3

Photos: Erie’s roll cloud

In the midst of covering Mercyhurst’s Reunion Weekend 2011, I stumbled into what became perhaps one of the coolest cloud formations of the year above Erie. That one…

Mercyhurst College 2011

Those last six months of my senior year

As mentioned in my previous post, there wasn’t much happening here during the past five months. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t cranking out a variety of multimedia…

ethan magoc website

Rebranded, redesigned, relaunched

Everything had become a little stale. At this website’s previous incarnation, I can’t say I was ever really thrilled with the design. It worked for what I needed…